Rare Fox Hat

The Rare Fox Hat is a very uncommon, and quite possibly one of the rarest items in Animal Jam. Wearing the hat will make it look like you have two heads/faces on top of each other.

You know an item is rare when it first appeared during the Beta Testing of the game. During the Beta Testing, you could buy the Rare Fox Hat at the Jam Mart Clothing. However, it was then removed in 2011.

After that, it made two appearances, both of which were on a Rare Item Monday. This was on February 20, 2012 and April 29, 2013. After these dates, the hat was not released again.

As you can see above, the hat has the appearance of a fox. It has fluffy ears, button eyes and nose and a tail on its back. The hat looks like a stuffed animal. It was first sold for 150 Gems, but then saw a huge price hike. The last time the hat was sold, it had a price of 1250 Gems.

The Rare Fox Hat has eight different varieties, as well as several other hats that look very similar to it. Let’s take a closer look at the different varieties of hats.

Rare Fox Hat Varieties in Animal Jam

The hate came in eight different colors; Brown, Cyan, Dark Navy Blue, Pink, Purple, Red, White and Orange. The appearance of all of these hats are exactly the same, except for the color that they have. The hat’s default color is brown. It is a non-member item, so Jammers without a membership were able to purchase one as well. It also has a rare tag.


Freedom Fox Hat

One of the hats that is quite similar to the Rare Fox Hat is the Freedom Fox Hat. It was sold during the Freedom party, on June 26, 2014, for 1250 Gems. The Freedom Fox Hat is one of the variations of the original fox hat, and does not come with a rare tag. This hat comes in one variation.

Fluffy Fox Head

Another similar item is the Fluffy Fox Head. It was released during the Leap Year Party of 2016, and even though its appearance is different compared to the Rare Fox Hat, it is clear that it is based on it. This items only has one variation.

How to Get a Rare Fox Hat

Even though the Rare Fox Hat is no longer sold in the game, there are still a few ways that you can get it. Let’s take a look at how you can get one for yourself.


The easiest way to get a Rare Fox Hat is by trading for one. The only hard part is that you will need to find a Jammer that actually has one, and is also willing to part ways with it.

Adventure Prizes

The hat can be won by successfully completing adventures such as Return of the Phantoms, The Forgotten Desert and several more. However, the drop rate for the hat is pretty low.

Rare Fox Hat Codes

There are currently no known codes for the Rare Fox Hat. If you are looking to trade your hat, or know of any useful codes, leave a comment down below!

  1. I have a navy fox hat i’d like to trade for a black spiked collar (diamond is okay) or a silver long spiked collar. My username is Diamondstroke.

  2. Hello I have a fox hat for trade and I would love if you’d like to trade for it. Username: ragingfire4. Gam-a-Gram me if you’f like to trade!

    • Hi I would trade the fox hat for any rare I can give to you, I have spikes, rare items, and things you can’t buy anymore in the shops.

      My aj Username: Skysky586

      • I would like to trade some rares if you would like to.But right now i only have two that i don’t want.

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