Rare Heart Skull Available Now

Hey everyone! Today is Monday and you know what that means, another Monday rare item giveaway is happening on Animal Jam. The rare item of the day for this week is the rare heart skull, and this item is only going to be available for today only.

Login to Animal Jam right now to score your rare Monday item of a rare heart skull, which looks spooky and cool just in time for trick-or-treating. You need to go into Jammer Central in order to get this item but hurry because the rare item of the day will not last long.

You also want to call up your friends and tell them about this rare item of the day so that they can get their rare heart skull too. That way you and your friends all can have a rare heart skull to wear for Halloween, and you will all look like twins going out in this cool rare Monday item.

If you didn’t know, every Monday there is a different rare Monday item that you can get, sometimes they go quick and other times people don’t want them, but this is definitely an item that will go super quick! The rare Monday items are only found if you login to Animal Jam and then go to Jammer Central, and you cannot get the rare Monday item any other way, including trading, so make sure you login today and every single Monday this year in order to get your rare Monday item.

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