Rare Mammoth Tusks Available Now

Hey there everyone! The Night of the Phantoms is pretty cool right? This week there is a new rare item up for grabs and it is the rare mammoth tusks.

You probably did not know that mammoths were an extinct elephant did you? You can login to Animal Jam right now and get your free rare mammoth tusks just by logging into the game. This free rare item Monday giveaway won’t be up long, as Monday rare item giveaways often are all gone by the end of the day.

If you would like to get your free rare mammoth tusks, then head over to Animal Jam right now and grab yours in Jammer Central. This mammoth tusk would look good on any of your animals so grab yours and you can put it on any animal you want. Make sure to call your friends and tell them to login as well so they can get the rare mammoth tusks before they run out too. Remember, every Monday there is a new rare item being given away in Animal Jam. If you are good, you can end up with every rare item that is given away, just log in to the game early on Monday for your chance to get your free rare item. You want to login before it gets too late into the day because the longer you wait, the more likely the rare item of the week will be gone, and by Tuesday they are definitely all gone so hurry and login right now to get your rare mammoth tusk.

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