Rare Pumpkin Mask Available Today

Hi Jammers! Today is Monday and you know what that means, a new rare item of the week is  being given away. This week the rare item of the week is a rare pumpkin mask, which is perfect since Halloween will be here this weekend!

You need to login ASAP in order to get your rare pumpkin mask because the rare item giveaway does not last long, and often times will be out of stock by Monday night. This rare pumpkin mask is sure to scare anyone trying to fight you and it makes the perfect accessory for any Halloween costume you might have this year. This rare pumpkin mask does go well with just about any outfit and also looks good on any one of your animals that you might have in Animal Jam.

Tell your friends to login to Animal Jam too that way you can all grab the pumpkin mask so you will all look ready for Halloween. If you would like to get your pumpkin mask, you can simply login to Jammer Central and you will find where they are being given away at, but hurry because it won’t last long, so you want to login as soon as you can to make sure you arrive in time to get your pumpkin mask.

Come back next week where we will talk about the New Rare Monday item being given away since a rare item is given away every Monday. Just remember to login ASAP so that you will always have the best shot at getting your hands on the new item.

  1. betas

  2. need rare item

  3. sweet I got one =D

  4. where dso u get the items?

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