Rare Ten Gallon Hat Giveaway

Attention Jammers! Today is Monday which means there is a rare item being given away in Animal Jam. The rare item being given away today is the rare ten gallon hat, and you want to hurry to get your hat before supplies run out.

There are always new items being given away as part of Rare Item Monday, which means that every week you are going to find a new item hanging around Animal Jam Head Quarters that you will be able to grab. This rare ten gallon hat would look really good on a horse or your cowboy character because the hat looks like something someone from the South would wear. The hat is very colorful and it looks like it should be worn with some really bright shoes as well. If you would like to show off your animals in Animal Jam, making sure you have the rare item of the week is one way to do that. You should hurry up and login today to get your rare ten gallon hate because once it is gone, it might not be coming back anytime soon.

It is hard to say just when the rare item will run out, but every Monday a new item is chosen, and a lot of Jammers already have amassed a huge collection of items from the rare Monday giveaway, which is good because that means it is just another item you don’t have to buy through the store or obtain through other means. So once again, hurry and login to get your rare ten gallon hate today before it goes away forever.

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  1. You said “Rare Ten Gallon HatE”…

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