Rare Wristwatch Now Available

Hey Jammers! Today is Monday, and you know what that means, another rare item is being given away as part of the Rare Item Monday promotion. The rare item for this week is a wristwatch.

wristwatch aj

Login to Animal Jam today to claim your free Rare Wristwatch, which is only going to be available for a limited time. Anyone who has an Animal Jam account can login to the game and claim the wristwatch, but you need to do this as soon as you can because there is only a limited supply, so it’s first come, first serve in regards to who gets the wristwatch. If you wait until tomorrow to login to the game, you might be too late and all of the rare wristwatches might be scooped up.

Every Monday on Animal Jam, you will be able to login to the game and claim a rare item, since this is a Rare Item giveaway. The rare items being given away can range from clothing items to shoes such as boots, and accessories like this wristwatch. This particular item, a watch, can be worn on any of your Animals in the game, and you can use it to help you keep time in the game, and it also just looks like a cool accessory that any animal you have would look good wearing. Call your friends and tell them to login to the game as well today, because they will be able to get their wristwatch, and then you can all look like you are ready for just about anything by having this watch to help you along your adventures in Animal Jam.

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