Refer a Friend Bonus & More News!

Welcome Jammers!  It’s time for another Animal Jam update for the month of April.  There’s lots of exciting news so far this month so let’s see what’s going on in Jamaa!

One of the biggest announcements this week is the arrival of sabertooths!  These big cats were once though to be extinct but have now joined the rest of the animals in Jamaa.  Stay tuned for another post with more information on the new sabertooth!

Have you played the Phantom Fortress adventure already?  Well if you have, it’s now available to pay in hard mode.  Test your skills on this difficult adventure!  And for the Jammers who are longing for summer, you can catch some rays over at the cruise ship party.  Get on the boat before it leaves!

Another big announcement this week is the addition of a “refer a friend” bonus!  What is the refer a friend bonus, you might ask?  Well if you get a friend to sign up for Animal Jam, you’ll both get a reward of 1500 gems!  Pretty neat right?

But that’s not all.  If your friend joins with a paid membership, you will get 15 diamonds and a free extra week of membership added to yours!  So if there are some friends who you still haven’t told about Animal Jam now is the time!

Everyone’s favorite artist Alpha Peck has created her own masterpiece frame.  Now you can hang your artwork with pride inside of a stylish new frame!  And there’s even more mannequins coming soon so look out for them in the Diamond Shop.

For those of you who are renewing your membership this month, you’ll get a special bonus when you redeem the code.  Memberships redeemed during April will receive a spring bunny bundle which comes with some cool den items and a special spring bunny!

Earth Day is coming up soon on April 22nd so look out for the banners around Jamaa.  Clicking on these banners will show you more about Earth Day and how we can all make the Earth a greener place.

Spring has sprung, in most places, so gear up with some new spring accessories!  It will be summer before you know it so get yours soon.  Spring is also a good time to go through your inventory and get rid of clothing and items that your aren’t using.  You can trade them or just recycle them for gems!

Dash Tag is the latest app from Wildworks.  It’s an Animal Jam themed endless runner.  It’s similar to Subway Surfers if you’ve ever played that and it’s a lot of fun!  You can get it on Android and iOS for free.

You may have noticed some Jammers wearing special never before seen armor around Jamaa.  It’s called the Crystal Pegasus Armor and it’s only available from purchasing Gem Squad figurines!  I’ll be posting some more info on this soon so check back.

Now going back to some older news I missed last week.  Here’s the official announcement for the sabertooths coming to Jamaa.

Does your den have the winter blues?  Well if it does then you can liven it up with the new Spring Cottage from the Diamond Shop.  This brightly colored spring den is sure to bring spring cheer to your den!

The April Fools Party was a special party where everything was upside down!  Who else went to the party when it was live?  There’s also a new spring flower frame to hang your favorite spring artwork!

The spring bundle is available all April and comes with some great stuff!  You’ll get an otter, a pet pony, some exclusive armor, a beach house and a brand new exclusive den item set.

The Spring Festival is going on now and has a special adventure to complete.  There are 100 spring eggs hidden all over the map and you have to find as many as possible!  How many could you find?

Even more new mannequins are coming to Jamaa.  Now you can have a kangaroo, lion, horse, hyena, and monkey mannequin!  The wind armor set is also available for purchase at the Diamond Shop.

Spring clothing and items have returned to the shops in Jamaa so make sure to go shopping while you can!

AJHQ has just given us a teaser of the spring subscription box.  This AJ box is emote themed!  Sign up for yours today.

Be sure to come back soon for even more Animal Jam updates for 2018!

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