A Reminder on Jammer Safety Online

While a lot of people who play Animal Jam do so safely, there are some people that might not be aware of the rules for Animal Jam. Animal Jam is a unique game for the children because it does have a lot of special features when it comes to keeping kids safe online. If you are a parent that wants their child to play Animal Jam or you are playing yourself, here are some basic rules to keep in mind when you are playing the game and interacting with other Jammers.


Walk away if a player is bothering you. While a lot of Jammers practice safety and respect online, which keeps Jamaa a great place to be, you do have to remember that some people could still bother you. If you notice that there is a player bothering you, then you can walk away, and that is completely acceptable. If the player continues to bother you, feel free to report the player to the community and it will be taken care of.

If someone is pressuring you to say something or wants to give you items in exchange for saying something in the game, then just don’t do it. Although most Jammers in the game are great and don’t try to start trouble, some of them will, and it might be something such as getting you to say something about someone else while in the game, and they often will offer to give you in-game items for doing so. Just remember that you need to be careful about what you type online in Jamaa, and make sure that you are not getting involved with people who might want to get you into trouble or could possibly be trying to bully another player by having other players gang up on them and say things about them. Just don’t give into the peer pressure, no matter what the person is offering you in return.

Jamaa has filters in the game, which means that things you type could be filtered out, and sometimes the filter does not just filter the bad words. You need to be careful on how you type and what you type, since the filter could end up picking up your chats and comments and think they mean something they don’t. If you misspell something while in the chat, the chat filters could think you mean a bad word, and then your comment could be deleted. When you are playing the game, just make sure you are watching what you type to ensure your comments are safe and appropriate for the community.

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