Rules on Changing Animal Jam Username

Hi Jammers, we know you have questions about changing your Animal Jam username, and we would like to tell you a little bit about that. Yes, you are allowed to change your Animal Jam username, but remember that you can only change your username one time, and only one time.

If you want to change your username on Animal Jam, you can send an email to Animal Jam Head Quarters, which is and you need to include some information. You need to include your current username, four different new username choices to choose from, and your Animal Jam Transaction ID if you have purchased an Animal Jam membership, which helps verify you own that Animal Jam account.

Tips for New Username

If you would like a new username, remember that you have to follow certain rules for the name change. You cannot have special characters in your username like !! or ## $. You also need to send in four choices because one or more of your choices might already be used, so make sure you are happy with the four choices you would like to change your name to. You also cannot include personal information such as your phone number or address in your username. You cannot use first or last names, even if it is of your favorite band or singer or actor, and the first or last names cannot seem real even if they are faked. You also cannot use rude or inappropriate language in your username, so make sure your new choices abide by those rules before you submit them.

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