Safety Measures Animal Jam Takes to Protect Jammers

Hi Jammers or parents of Jammers, we want to talk to you about the procedures and measures that Animal Jam takes in order to ensure safety while playing online. These measures and procedures are important because it not only protects the Jammers while playing, but it keeps things running smoothly in the game and keeps all players held accountable for their actions.

Parental Controls- The first thing Animal Jam does is that it believes parents are number one and believes all parents need to be involved in their child’s online world. Parents can monitor and manage their child’s online account through the Parent Dashboard, which means changing chat options, changing passwords, and enabling or disabling the account.

Chat Filters– The in-game chat on Animal Jam has a really high quality chat filter, which blocks out the inappropriate language that players type into the chat box. The in-game chat is moderated and filtered, although some bad messages can get through, and if you want to change the type of in-game chats then the parent can do so through the Parent Dashboard.

Report and Block Players– Since safety is number one in Animal Jam, there is also the ability to block players who are harassing you and you then report them to the staff at Animal Jam. If the player is being rude, bullying, or engaging in illegal or inappropriate behavior, the best thing to do is block them and report them and Animal Jam staff will suspend or ban them if the evidence supports such actions.

Moderation- There are a lot of highly-trained staff at Animal Jam that are responsible for moderating all activities in the game, which happens 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If a player breaks rules or attempts to break the rules, the moderating team will take action, such as suspending the player or banning them. The parents will also be emailed and informed if their child is found in violation of the Animal Jam rules to let them know what is going on.

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