Sand Castle Winners and New Contest Announced

Jammer Snaps is finally back and 6 new Jammers have been featured on the Daily Explorer for their new awesome sand castle creations. The Jammers that have been chosen for the featured spot include Emperor Shiverclaw,Blooming Spiritpaw, Chief Vonlilly, Flora Sleepystone, Snowflake Roundbelly, and Mythical Daisyllama.

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Congratulations to the Jammers with the best sand castle creations, although a lot of great sand castles were made by Jammers from all over the world, and obviously not everyone who had cool artwork is featured since only a few spots are available. Each of these Jammers will get a plaque to put up in their den to honor their awesome work, and you can get a plaque for your den too if you submit artwork that gets featured on the Daily Explorer.

The next Jammer Snaps contest was announced, which is snapshots of Epic Beach Houses, and the submissions for this topic are due by August 2, 2015. You can submit your Epic Beach House snapshots through Jammer Central in Jamaa Township. You will be able to submit any artwork that has to do with the topic of epic beach houses, but make sure you are submitting only the best artwork, as the best is what gets featured on the Daily Explorer. Remember, no personal information on the snapshots or artwork, so make sure you check over your work before you submit it through the website. As usual, 6 winners will be announced after the deadline, with those people being featured on the Daily Explorer, and they also will all get a plaque to put in their den to honor their creativity and their dedication, so if you want to get your plaque enter the new contest now.

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