Sarepia Forest Journey Book Cheats – Animal Jam

Below you’ll find the guide for where to find every item for the Sarepia Forest Journey Book.  Some animals may take a few seconds to appear.


Chipmunk: The chipmunk is found on a branch above the butterfly pet finder.


Firefly: The fireflies are located underneath the butterfly pet finder.


Great Horned Owl: The great horned owl will fly down and land on the Coral Canyons sign next to the theater.


Moss: Moss is found on the tree at the bottom of the slide.


Mushroom: The mushrooms are found in the area at the bottom of the slide.


Poison Ivy: Poison ivy is found to the left of the Super Sort game.


Raven: The raven can be found sitting on a post to the left of the theater entrance.


Skunk: There is a family of skunks that walks by the campfire.


Snail: The snail crawls out from the log near the Hedge Hog game.


Termite: The termite nest is found on a tree to the right of the butterfly pet finder.


Woodpecker: The woodpecker can be found on the tree directly below the Pill Bugs game.


After completing the Sarepia Forest Journey Book, you’ll receive a Treehouse gift.


  1. yay it works your AWSOME!

  2. How exactly do you get the gift?

    • If you can find all of the items on one of the pages of the Journey Book. The gift will automatically appear on your screen. Click on the gift and claim your prize!

  3. thank you for the help!!

  4. thanks sooo much! i want a membership because i want to be a artic wolf and have animated emotes my user name is smolpeppermintgirl

  5. this hard work pays off for a treehouse? sheesh. so. unfair.

    • It’s not so hard I finshed it in 5 to 10 min so ya not sooooooo hard. Plus I like the tree house!
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  6. shoot. what a goal… thank you for ur help

  7. Hey, what about the Chipmunk thing?

    • the “chipmunk thing” is just under the big picture showing what all the things look like

  8. Wow! Thx! it helped so much! 🙂

  9. This is AWESOME!!!!

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