Sarepia Forest Journey Book Cheats – Animal Jam

Below you’ll find the guide for where to find every item for the Sarepia Forest Journey Book.  Some animals may take a few seconds to appear.


Chipmunk: The chipmunk is found on a branch above the butterfly pet finder.


Firefly: The fireflies are located underneath the butterfly pet finder.


Great Horned Owl: The great horned owl will fly down and land on the Coral Canyons sign next to the theater.


Moss: Moss is found on the tree at the bottom of the slide.


Mushroom: The mushrooms are found in the area at the bottom of the slide.


Poison Ivy: Poison ivy is found to the left of the Super Sort game.


Raven: The raven can be found sitting on a post to the left of the theater entrance.


Skunk: There is a family of skunks that walks by the campfire.


Snail: The snail crawls out from the log near the Hedge Hog game.


Termite: The termite nest is found on a tree to the right of the butterfly pet finder.


Woodpecker: The woodpecker can be found on the tree directly below the Pill Bugs game.


After completing the Sarepia Forest Journey Book, you’ll receive a Treehouse gift.


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  2. How exactly do you get the gift?

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    • the “chipmunk thing” is just under the big picture showing what all the things look like

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