Sarepia Forest Secrets & Guide – Animal Jam

Sarepia Forest is a deep forest located in the center of the map.


The town is connected to multiple other areas via trails.  The center of the town is located on a wooden bridge.


Sarepia Forest Journey Book Cheats Guide


Sarepia Theater: Here you can watch short National Geographic movies.  There is also a photo booth and shop in the theater lobby.



Campfire: If four or more jammers dance by the campfire, the flames will turn blue and project an image of Mira dancing.


Slide: This slide will take you all the way from the tree fort down to the mushroom patch.



Flag Shop: This shop sells flags from almost every country.  There are over over a hundred flags in their inventory.


Treetop Gardens: Here Jammrs can buy different types of plants for their dens.  This shop is located near the bridge to Coral Canyons.



Wind Rider: Parachute down and collect coins while avoiding phantoms.

Pill Bugs: Pill bugs is like pinball.  Try to hit all of a certain color ball before running out of pill bugs to shoot.

Super Sort: Sort the recyclable items into the correct paper or plastic bins.  Use the paddle to change which side the items fall.

Hedge Hog: This game is similar to Pacman.  Use your arrow keys to collect berries and avoid the phantoms.

Popcorn Machine: Use your bucket to collect fresh popcorn.  Avoid seeds and burnt popcorn.

The Claw: This game is located in the theater.  Spend 5 gems to play and pick up new plush toys with the claw.

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