Rare Sea Star Glasses in Play Wild

Play Wild has many different clothing items with different themes. If you are looking for some interesting glasses, you can’t go wrong with the Sea Star Glasses. This item was released in May 2017, and is rewarded for completing Otter’s Treasure Hunt.

Sea Star Glasses Appearance

The Sea Star Glasses look like regular glasses with a thick frame. On the sides of the glasses, you will find sea stars. One side has two sea stars, while the other side only has one sea star. There are currently six different variants available, which you can see below.


Super Sweets Sea Star Glasses

There is also a Super Sweets variant of the Sea Star Glasses. This variant was available between October 31, 2018 and November 1, 2018. As you can see in the picture below, the frame has a dark-purple color. The stars on the sides of the glasses are orange.

How to Get Sea Star Glasses in Play Wild

The Sea Star Glasses have not yet been removed from the game. This means that you can still get them, which is great news! Currently, there are two methods you can use to obtain them. It depends on yourself which method you would like to use to get the glasses.

Otter’s Treasure Hunt

The easiest way to get Sea Star Glasses would be by completing Otter’s Treasure Hunt. You will be able to win many different prizes for completing the treasure hunt, including the glasses. It should be said that the prize pool is rather large for Otter’s Treasure Hunt.

This means that you will probably not get the glasses at your first try. However, this method is the cheapest way to get the item. Besides, earning other items as rewards isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

AJPW Trading

If you don’t want to bother completing Otter’s Treasure Hunt, you could also try to trade to get the Sea Star Glasses. Since there are several different variations available, it is likely that there are some players out there that are willing to trade theirs.

Sea Star Glasses Codes

There are currently no codes available that will allow you to get the Sea Star Glasses. Searching for Play Wild codes can be pretty tedious, especially since there are many websites that claim they have working codes for the Sea Star Glasses. Rest assured, those codes do not work. When I find any useful codes, I will make sure to update this post and let you all know!

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