The Search for Greely Cheats & Walkthrough Guide


First talk to Graham.  He’ll tell you that they haven’t seen Greely since the volcano erupted.  They’ve been looking for him but no one has found any sign of him.
Pick up a torch and begin walking down the trail.  Be sure to light the large torch so the bridge will appear.

Keep walking onto the purple pipeline until you see the piles of papers.  It looks like the papers are from Greely’s journal.

Talk to Virgil and Philbert and they’ll tell you that Greely’s journal said “NONE of the other Alphas suspect a thing.”
Continue going up the purple pipes until you get ot Piper and Charles.  Piper tells you that Greely’s journal also said “After I meet with the Phantoms tomorrow, my plan will be under way.”

Keep following the purple pipes until you see Luke and Doris.  Luke tells you he found this in Greely’s journal: “I’ve done it! I now have the power to travel through the Phantom Portals!”

Walk past Luke and Doris and go down the hallway that’s covered in books and paper.  At the end of the hallway you’ll see Graham.  He says Greely used to disappear to this secret area.
You’ll see a combination lock on the wall behind Graham.  The correct combination is Blue Circle – Yellow Star – Orange Triangle

The secret door will open and you’ll be able to enter the secret room.  On the left you’ll see a wolf mask on the wall, Greely has definitely been here.

Keep walking and you’ll see some tools and building plans.  What was Greely making??

Walk until you see Graham standing next to the portal.  Pick up the Phantom Crystal and use it to activate the mysterious machine.

Once you activate the machine using the crystal, it will start spraying purple goop out of it.  Walk through the goop to create a disguise.

Now you’ll look just like a phantom!  Go through the portal next to Graham.  Now you can explore the Phantom Vortex.  You’ll have to destroy the purple things blocking the path.

Now you’ll get to an open room and you’ll notice four keys at the edges of your screen.  Greely is trapped in the cage in the middle of the room!  You need to find all 4 keys in order to open the locks and set him free.

Just walk in the direction of each key to find them.  You will have to avoid phantoms and other dangers in order to find the 4 keys.  Once you find all 4 keys, you’ll have to defeat TWO phantom kings.
Use the same strategy to defeat them as you did in the last adventure.  Get close to the phantom king to make him slam, then get out of the way and hit him with a boomseed while he’s down.
Once you defeat both phantom kings, you’ll get the key to unlock Greely’s cage.


After you set Greely free, he tells you that you need to get out of the Volcano because there will be lots of phantoms coming!  Head towards the exit portal and you’ll see Graham and the other Alphas standing near it.  They’ll thank you for your help and then you can exit the adventure.  Good work!!


  1. I got only one piece of the Armour set. Do you have to play it over and over to get all the pieces?

  2. Anyone willing to trade the whole phantom armor set for a black long collar? if it’s under Ill ad a magenta furry and a rare pink short collar? I’m not gonna overtrade.
    Jag me if deal
    User: pippity

    • so you want the whole phantom armor set for your black long?

  3. I hate those phantom kings…

  4. hm this is something ive never seen before – bepper :3

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  7. nms rock!

    they so cool!

    they so epic
    im saying this cuz i nm


  8. I’ve never done this adventure in normal mode

  9. If only it was nonmember!

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