September 2018 Codes Update – Animal Jam & AJPW

Greetings, fellow Jammers! Today, I have an exciting announcement. August 30, 2018 was a special day in Animal Jam. It marked the 8th anniversary of the official release of the game. The developers over at AJHQ decided to give out cakes to celebrate this!

You can get one of those cakes yourself by entering a special code, but you must hurry! The cakes are only available for a limited time. Visit our main codes pages for a full list of new and working AJ & AJPW codes!

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Animal Jam 8th Birthday Cake

As mentioned above, to celebrate AJ’s 8th anniversary, you can now get a special birthday cake in the game. Called the 8th Birthday Cake, it looks delicious, with frosting, decorations, cherries and a large golden number 8 candle on top of it. The cake is available for members and non-members alike. Check out below how to get the 8th Birthday Cake for yourself.

First of all, you need to click on the gear icon at the top-right corner of your screen, which takes you to a menu. On that menu, you need to click on the Redeem Code button.

The next window allows you to redeem a code. To get the 8th Birthday Cake, you will have to enter the follow code: AJBDAY8. After doing so, click on the continue button.

You will now receive a promo gift. Open it by clicking on it. The cake will appear. You have the choice to either keep it, or discard it. However, you should definitely keep it!

Eight Different Forms

The birthday cake has eight different forms. You can see the different forms by clicking on it. You will have to figure out where exactly you have to click to get to the next form. It seems like the cake keeps growing, and becoming more spectacular, with each new form.

The 8th Birthday Cake can also be placed in your den. However, it is a static item. This means that it will not rotate, like most other den items do. Keep in mind that this promo is only for a limited time, so you will have to hurry and redeem the code before it is too late!

  1. I would like a code for a cat ushanka hat please!!!!

  2. I would like one so we could get a new item, which is a green rare fox hat please :3

  3. well i want a FREE membership and 1,000 gems and 500 diamonds

  4. I was a member but now I’m not so I have a ton of dens and stuff I can’t use anymore.


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