Sequin Bow in Animal Jam

There are many items in Animal Jam that cannot be obtained by paying in-game currencies for them. Some require you to complete adventures, and others require you to redeem codes. The ones that require codes are often called promo items, since it means you’ll need to spend real money to obtain them. Today, we are going to take a look at one of those promo items; Sequin Bow.

The Sequin Bow is a clothing item, worn on the head of the animal. It was released almost two years ago, in November 2016. The only way you can obtain the Sequin Bow is by redeeming a promo code that comes with a Jazwares toy, called the Dress Up Friends playset.

Sequin Bow Appearance

The Sequin Bow looks like a regular hair bow, and has circles on it that sparkle. When you put the bow on in the game, you will see animated sparkles on the bow itself. There are a total of two different varieties of this item; the regular one, and the Rare Item Monday one.

Rare Item Monday Sequin Bow

What makes the Sequin Bow a rather special clothing item in Animal Jam is that it is the only promo item that was released as a RIM. The release was on September 18, 2017, and was sold at Jam Mart Clothing. Another difference is that the rare variant is called Sequins Bow, instead of Sequin Bow. You can see what the RIM version of the Sequin Bow looks like down below.

How to Get a Sequin Bow in Animal Jam

Since the Sequin Bow is a promo item, it won’t be easy to get one for yourself, unless you are willing to spend real money to buy the Dress Up Friends playset. The item also doesn’t drop as a prize for any adventures. Here is how you can still get one without spending any money.


The best way to get the bow for yourself is by trading with other Jammers. To increase your chances of finding a Jammer that has a bow, you should go to crowded places. One of the more crowded places in Animal Jam is the Jamaa Township, and especially the Diamond Shop.

AJ Sequin Bow Codes

There are currently no codes available for the Sequin Bow. I will update this post if I ever find any working codes!

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