Animal Jam Sheep Cloak – How to Get This Rare

There are clothing items and den items in Animal Jam that can only be obtained during certain events in the game. The Sheep Cloak is one of those items. It was released on January 20, 2017, and was obtainable as a gift for completing the Message In A Bottle event.

The Message In A Bottle event started on October 27, 2016, and lasted until January 20, 2017. If you managed to partake in the event between those dates, and complete it, you had a chance to obtain amazing prizes. On the last day of the event, the Sheep Cloak was rewarded to those that completed it. This means that you only had a day to obtain it, making it extremely rare.

Sheep Cloak Appearance

The Sheep Cloak almost looks like a giant ball of sheep fleece. There are curls all around it, and when you put it on your animal, it will look like a ball of fur. The cloak is definitely puffier and larger than you would expect. There are two variants available; the regular grey/white one, and a glitched, full magenta variant. This is what the regular Sheep Cloak looks like.

Glitched Sheep Cloak – Magenta

If you completed the Message In A Bottle event within the first hour of release, the Sheep Cloak you would receive would be glitched. The glitched version is full magenta, instead of the regular grey/white. You can see what the glitched variant looks like in the picture below.

How to Get a Sheep Cloak in Animal Jam

There is currently only one way to obtain the Sheep Cloak, which is by trading. This method will take a lot of patience, and will require you to offer up your own valuable items, but it works! It is no longer possible to obtain the Sheep Cloak by completing the Message In A Bottle event.


The Sheep Cloak is currently valued extremely high. You will not be able to persuade a trader to put up their Sheep Cloak against your regular items. On several Animal Jam trading forums, you will find players asking for a Sheep Cloak, but traders comment that their offers are far too low.

If you are a collector on Animal Jam, you probably have valuable items of your own. Offering up those items for the Sheep Cloak is your only way to even get a chance of obtaining one. Keep in mind that, while the cloak is extremely valuable, it is not worth it losing all your items over. You will always get a chance to obtain it. However, it will just take a lot of time, as well as patience.

AJ Sheep Cloak Codes

There are currently no working codes for the Sheep Cloak, and there probably never will be any. If you weren’t around for the Message In A Bottle event, and you are not willing to trade for it, you will not have a chance to ever obtaining one for yourself. Any website claiming they have working codes for the Sheep Cloak is out to scam you, and you should stay far away from them!

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