Skunks Arrive in Jamaa!

On March 1, 2019, AJHQ released the Lucky Skunk Bundle, as part of their membership drive. If you purchase an Animal Jam membership through the AJ website, you receive the bundle, and all of its contents, for free. Within the bundle, you will find the cute Skunk animal! Today, we are going to take a closer look at the Skunk, and tell you how you can obtain one for yourself.

Note: On March 7, 2019, AJHQ decided to release the Skunk as an individual purchase. Animal Jam members can now go to the Diamond Shop to purchase the Skunk. The animal costs 10 Diamonds, just like any other animal that is sold at the Diamond Shop. You can also purchase a new membership, or extend your current membership, to get the Lucky Skunk Bundle.

Animal Jam Skunk Appearance

The Skunk in Animal Jam has a purple/lavender fur coat, with a white stripe running from the tip of its tail all the way to its face. The animal is quite small in size compared to some of the other animals in Animal Jam. It has black eyes, a pink nose and diamond-shaped ears. Its paws and legs are quite small. You can see what the Skunk looks like in the picture down below.

Skunk Pictures in AJ

I have decided to take some pictures of the Skunk in Animal Jam. I wanted to show you all what the Skunk looks like what you use its actions and abilities. Let’s check it out!

First of all, I wanted to see what it looked like when it sat down. It sits on its behind, and its legs are next to each other. You will also notice that its tail is staying up, with a slight curve to it.

The dance action almost makes it look like it is attempting to do the tango dance. A few steps are taken into a direction, after which a spin makes it step into the other direction.

Because the Skunk is an animal with small legs, the hop action makes it only jump up slightly. It almost looks like it takes a lot of effort for the animal to jump up.

The play action makes the animal sniff itself, after which it makes a bar of soap appear, and then starts scrubbing under its armpits.

Lastly, the slap action makes the Skunk curl up on the ground. Its tail is wrapping around its body, to keep the animal warm while sleeping.

Skunk Codes for Animal Jam

It has been a while since AJHQ has released any redeemable codes for animals. Unfortunately, there are no codes available for the Skunk. The animal has been released quite recently, which means that the only way you can obtain it is by purchasing it at the Diamond Shop. If you don’t have 10 Diamonds at the moment, simply log in a few days after each other to use the spinning wheel and collect free Diamonds.

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