Sky Castle: Awesome!

I have had the pleasure of recently exploring the new Sky Castle den, and it is so cool! It is huge! A combination of 4 dens into one! Lets start with one of the biggest parts: The Castle

Sky Castle As you can see from this layout, there are multiple floors to this and it has a rainbow! The rainbow itself is actually a slide! What does the rainbow slide lead to you ask? ANOTHER SLIDE! This one is super long and it leads to a barren field. This field is so great because it lets you decorate it and turn it into whatever you want!

The Slides are so much fun!

Sky Castle SlidesSky Castle Green Slide


That’s the North side. This den is so big, you need to separate it by Cardinal Directions! Ha ha. Now onto the Forest! This forest is perfect for holding clans, making movies, and just playing in the rain! No rain clouds even needed! It has rain all on its own! Plus, it has waterfall slides that lead into the South part of the den!

Sky Castle Rain

The South side is like two small non-member dens put into a valley. It is gorgeous and perfect for storing extra items. I will let you know what my ultimate plan for this den is at the very end 🙂

The village is humble and sweet, just like a NM den. It’s really cool!

Sky Castle Village

Now onto the best part of this den. No rain, slide, or castle can compare to what is in the middle of it all: A Giant Rainbow Mira

Sky Castle Mira It is so beautiful and it perfectly captures the essence of what this den is all about. I love it, but it only appears when you buy the den, no previews. I took this in one of the featured epic dens. It is awesome.

Acrowded’s Super Cool Idea for Using this Den:

A kingdom. In almost every fairy tale you can think of, it is a setup like this. There is a castle “up above” and a village below. There is a forest somewhere in there and a field where other things can happen. You can decorate this den like a real kingdom and invite people to play in it!

If you think this ultimate plan is too much work, here are some ideas for what to do with each part of the den:

  • Castle: Hang with your friends and pretend to be royalty!  Fashion Show! Adoption Center! Museum!
  • Village: Storage! An actual village! Small parties! Stores!
  • Forest: Clans! Parties! Movies! Playing! Hanging out!
  • Field: Yard! Garden! Maze! Farm! Carnival! Pool!

I really hope you like my ideas! I put a lot of thought into them. What are your ideas for this new den? Do you like it or hate it? What would you rather have in the center besides the Mira? Let me know in the comments below! I would love to hear what you think. That’s all for now, see you soon!


  1. I love that den it’s like the best den out of animal jam thx ajhq for making this den it’s the best!!!!!$$!$??

  2. Love this den, come and visit mine at Cynder1144 that’s my aj name and everyone is welcome to come! You can also buddy me if you want ppl I’m accepting requests for a limited time.

  3. Personally, I absolutely love this den! Although I’m a NM, I’ve seen the preview and the den is so nice. It’s really big, and I like the suggestion; a kingdom!

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