Sky High Cheats for Animal Jam


Sky High is a game found in Coral Canyons.  The objective of the game is to jump up the clouds all the way to the top.  Use the arrow keys to jump left and right.  Once you jump on a cloud once, it disappears.  The meter on the left side of the screen shows how much further you have until your reach the end of the game.


Once you reach the top there is a treasure chest with a random prize inside of it.  Getting to the top can be difficult.  You must avoid phantoms and falling off the clouds in order to get there.  The hints and cheats below may be helpful to you.


This is the prize I won last time I completed Sky High.


Cheats & Hints

Your character automatically jumps up whenever it lands on a cloud.  Only worry about moving left to right.

Take your time when jumping up the clouds.  Don’t try to make a jump if it looks too far.

Avoid the phantoms at all costs.

  1. Actually I do NOT think it is possible to collect NO gems what so ever. What about all the small clouds?

  2. collect only the blue gems <- no yellow, red, purple, green or any other color just the blue and you will get 4 prizes! i got a silver glove, rare worn,rare black tiara, and rare scary bat wings!

  3. Im a Champion at Sky High.But These Rules are how you become a good skyhigh.Sometimes i get Gifts for my Friends for free because of sky high.Ti:Be Foucus If your not you fall stay right there it takes about 3 min dont rush!

  4. Where’s the cheats?

  5. someone else said that follow the gems and u get to the top

  6. someone also said the less gems tou collect the better the prize is at the top!

  7. i have never won sky high will someone plz tell me how i have tryed a million times and i cant win

  8. This is very helpful ty so much i have won 3 times

  9. The first cloud you start on doesn’t disappear until you have destroyed the whole first row of clouds.. And strangely enough, when you play it with a bunny it sometimes has only 2 legs XD Anyway…. BYEEEEEEEEEEE

  10. some website said that if you have sound off on the options and listen to itunes instead
    you might get a rare in the chest! I didn’t try it yet, though.

  11. I have won before it was awesome!!!I got a dragon hat but it did look weird on me.

  12. Ok thank you so much I have won sky high 1 time now I can win it more thanks!!

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