Snowflake Arctic Wolf Codes

Every now and then, a very special animal gets released into the world of Jamaa. The game is very good at making you wonder which animal will get released next. If you like wolves, then you are in for a treat! The Snowflake Arctic Wolf is probably one the more glamorous winter animals in Animal Jam. As usual, the announcement of the Snowflake Arctic Wolf was made in the Jamaa Journal. The Snowflake Arctic Wolf was released on May 11th of 2017.

In the picture above, you can see what the Snowflake Arctic Wolf looked like in the Jamaa Journal release announcement. The Snowflake Arctic Wolf looks similar to the regular Arctic Wolf. However, the main difference is that the Snowflake Arctic Wolf has purple snowflakes on its fur. It also has a trail of purple snowflakes following it, as it is walking around. Even when the Snowflake Arctic Wolf is standing still, the snowflakes will be seen around it. While the default snowflake color is purple, there are eight different colors you can choose from.

Snowflake Arctic Wolf Pictures

The Snowflake Arctic Wolf can be bought at the Diamond Shop in the Jamaa Township. You can find the Diamond Shop by looking for the building with the diamond banners hanging from it. Just like every animal that can be bought at the Diamond Shop, the Snowflake Arctic Wolf also costs 10 Diamonds. The Snowflake Arctic Wolf is a members-only animal.

I have taken a closer look at the Snowflake Arctic Wolf for all you Jammers out there! While there are several similarities between the regular Arctic Wolf and the Snowflake Arctic Wolf, you can still clearly see they are two different animals. Firstly, the Snowflake Arctic Wolf has snowflakes on its fur. The snowflakes are in different sizes and shapes. You can also choose between eight different colors for its snowflakes, if you prefer a different look.

The Snowflake Arctic Wolf has its own set of moves, which I have taken pictures of, as well. Firstly, I sat down with my Snowflake Arctic Wolf. While it’s sitting down, the Snowflake Arctic Wolf raises its tail up, backs down but keeps its posture up, and looks amazing!

When you tell the Snowflake Arctic Wolf to dance, it almost looks like it’s doing the hula hula dance. It stands up on two feet, goes side to side and moves its hips. The Snowflake Arctic Wolf also moves its feet, so it doesn’t just stand on one spot while dancing.

All that dancing will surely make the Snowflake Arctic Wolf tired. When you tell it to sleep, it will lay down, curl up and put its head down on its front paw. You can see the Snowflake Arctic Wolf gently breathing.

Hopping will make the Snowflake Arctic Wolf jump up and down where it was standing. It will not move forwards. It almost looks like the Snowflake Arctic Wolf is jumping over an imaginary fence.

Lastly, there is the play action. You can tell your Snowflake Arctic Wolf to play, which makes it roll around on the ground. After that, it shakes and then starts rolling again.

Snowflake Arctic Wolf Codes for Animal Jam

As you might have already noticed, the Snowflake Arctic Wolf is a members-only animal. It can be bought at the Diamond Shop for 10 Diamonds. Already a member? It is possible that you might now have 10 Diamonds at the moment. That is nothing to worry about, because as a member, you get free daily spins. Those daily spins reward you with free diamonds.

If you look closely in the Diamond Shop, you will notice that the Giant Wolf Statue is actually changed into a Giant Snowflake Arctic Wolf statue. This is to show that the Snowflake Arctic Wolf is released, and that you can buy it in the diamond shop. To buy the Snowflake Arctic Wolf, just click on the statue, and select the animal.

Quick Update

The Snowflake Arctic Wolf is no longer available for purchase in Animal Jam. Therefore, it is no longer possible to play as the Snowflake Arctic Wolf. However, you can always but the normal Arctic Wolf, even though it may not seem as awesome as the Snowflake Arctic Wolf. We will keep you up to date on whether the Snowflake Arctic Wolf is going to make a return!

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