Spiked Sale Coming this Weekend!

Hello everyone!  There’s some big news this week in Jamaa so listen up!

First of all, there’s a Spike Sale coming to the Diamond Shop this weekend!  That’s right, it’s your chance to be able to buy some new rare spikes.  This week on Thursday, Friday. Saturday and Sunday there will be a new spiked collar and wristband for sale at the Diamond Shop.

There’s a new set of spike accessories every day which makes for a total of four new spike sets!  Make sure you log in every day to go buy all of the different spikes.

Llamas have finally returned to Jamaa!  Now you can become a llama and adventure around Jamaa.  There’s also a llama minibook at the Chamber of Knowledge where you can learn all about llamas.

Pet Hyenas are now available at the Diamond Shop!  These cute little critters will make a great companion for whatever animal you choose!  Another new addition to the Diamond Shop is the Arctic Armor.  Go check it out today!

I’m sure most of you know about all of the great features that members have access to, but there are even more features coming in 2017!  Stay tuned to see what’s in store.

It’s cold outside so the last thing on my mind is going out to a festival but AJHQ has turned the tables and brought back the Summer Carnival for the next two weeks!  Take a break from the cold and get out and play your favorite carnival games for a limited time.

International Polar Bear Day is soon so there are new banners around Jamaa to celebrate and give information about these animals.  Also there may be signs of a new animal coming to Jamaa soon…has anyone else noticed them?!

The Great Backyard Bird Count is an event that encourages Jammers to look outside and see what kind of cool birds live in their area.  There are banners around Jamaa that will show you the birds that live near you!

The Friendship Festival is still going on but make sure you get your friendship items before they go away until next year!  The Conservation Museum has a new exhibit that’s all about animals that live in the mountains, go take a look!

Now whenever you redeem an Animal Jam retail gift card, you’ll also get a snow leopard bundle for free!  The bundle comes with a snow leopard and a set of exclusive den items too!

That’s all for news this week.  Does anyone have a guess what the new animal will be?!

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