Spooky New Items!

Hi there, Animal Jammers! This is Loopy44, author of The Animal Jam Seasonal, making my fist post on The Animal Jam World! So glad to be here, and guess what? There are some brand new items in Treetop Gardens, as well as Outback Imports! Let’s start with our wonderful returning nonmember item, the Surprised Jack-O-Lantern!

Surprised Jack-O-Lantern!

Wow, I’ve been waiting FOREVER to get some more of these to put in my den! Speaking of dens, look! There’s a brand new item for sale in Outback Imports, wanna see?
Spooky Bacon!!

Yes, this is the Spooky Rug, for sale in Kimbara Outback for 350 gems! You know what this item reminds me of..? SPOOKY BACON!! AAAHH!

And there also appears to be a new clothing item for sale underwater… Let’s check it out, shall we?


Well, I can’t say this tutu is very Halloween-ish, but I guess you can use it if you want to dress up your aquatic animal like a princess or something… Hmm…

Oh, and a couple other things I nearly forgot to mention! Since this is my first post here on The Animal Jam World, I’d like to do something special for you guys! I’ll be hosting a contest from now until October 31st! The rules are just down below!


Yes, as the picture says, the contest theme is “How Many Bat Facts Can You Find Around Jamaa?” All you have to do is enter a comment down below that tells how many facts you’ve found so far in Jamaa! (Be sure to include your Animal Jam username if you win!) The first person to get the correct answer will win a very special prize! What is it you ask?

Rhino Helmet!

A RHINO HELMET! Yesh, now all you have to do is start finding some awesome bat facts! Have fun out there everyone! I’ll see you in my next post!

Loopy outro

  1. my username is lam934 i found at lest 1 bat in each land not in the water
    ps.i only go on wens or tus day’s

  2. Correction. I have found 9 facts!!!

  3. And I forgot my username! Wasn’t paying attention, of course. Anyway, my username is Mustachelover1515. If you can, PLZ buddy me! I’d love to be your buddy!!

  4. Welcome to AJW!!! I liked all the new stuff that’s comin out for Halloween! (well except 4 the tutu. It’s a little to girly for me). As 4 the contest, I found 8 bat facts! If I (somehow) win, plz DON’T send prize! Thank you. 😀

  5. My username is clittlebunny and i found 8 bat facts

  6. my username is ilegendaryy and my answer is 7 one for every land except for temple of zios

  7. my aj username is Giveaways4life and i think the answer is 8 one for every land

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