Spring Festival Adventure Cheats & Tips Guide

There are many different activities and adventures in Animal Jam. Many of the activities and adventures can be accessed throughout the entire year. However, there are also some seasonal adventures. One of such adventures is the Spring Festival. This adventure was first released on April 2, 2015, and replaced the Spring Egg Hunt activity. Today, we are going to tell you how to complete Spring Festival, and show you what kind of rewards you can earn by doing so.

Spring Festival Adventure Tips, Cheats & Walkthrough Guide

You can start the Spring Festival adventure by clicking on the My Parties button at the top of your screen. Spring Festival should be one of the top options.

Once you have started the adventure, you will have to talk to a bunny called Lolly. She tells you that there are a total of 100 eggs hidden throughout the land. Some of those eggs are easily found, while others are well hidden. Besides the 100 regular eggs, there are also 7 Golden Eggs that can be found to receive special rewards.

The adventure area is in the shape of a flower. There are 10 eggs in the center, and 15 eggs in each of the six areas surrounding the center. You will earn prizes by finding each batch of eggs.

In order to find all eggs, you need to focus on the areas that you run through. As stated above, some of the eggs are easy to find. However, there are eggs that are hidden in such a way that you will have to actually search for them.

One way to easily find all eggs is by hovering your mouse over your entire screen. If there is an egg, a paw will appear above it. That way, you will know that there is an egg in the area, and you can go and grab it.

Spring Festival Golden Egg Locations – Where to Find Them

There are a total of 7 Golden Eggs in the Spring Festival adventure. In order to unlock them, you will have to perform a certain activity. The rewards that you receive by obtaining Golden Eggs are not obtainable through the regular eggs.

The first 5 Golden Eggs are obtained by watering the flower buds that they are hidden inside of. As you can see in the picture below, you can grab a watering can, run over to a flower bud and water it to reveal the Golden Egg.

There is also a Golden Egg on top of a flower platform. The only way to reach the platform is by dancing on top of several pressure plates, which activates the stairs that are required to climb to the top. I would advise you to use a flying animal to do this part, since you can simply fly to the top of the platform.

Lastly, there is a Golden Egg hidden inside of a giant flower. The only way to obtain that Golden Egg is if two Jammers hop on the lily pads that are nearby. You will have to ask a buddy to help you out.

Spring Festival Adventure Rewards

There are dozens of different rewards that can be earned by completing the Spring Festival adventure. All of the rewards are spring-themed den items. You will receive your first reward after collecting your first batch of 15 regular eggs. However, if you continue with the adventure, you can earn more rewards. Let’s take a look at some of the den items you can earn.

15 Eggs Rewards

35 Eggs Rewards

65 Eggs Rewards

100 Eggs Rewards

Golden Egg Rewards

Since the Golden Eggs are obtained through three different activities, they are also categorized into three different groups. First of all, you have the five Flower Watering rewards. These are some of the rewards you can earn by watering the flower buds:

These are some of the rewards you can earn by hopping on the lily pads:

Lastly, these are some of the rewards you can earn by dancing up to the flower platform:

Spring Festival Map, Cheats & Tips

In the picture below, you can see what the map of the Spring Festival adventure looks like. It looks similar to a flower. In the center of the map, there are a total of 10 eggs hidden. In each of the petal-like areas, you will find 15 eggs. This makes for a total of 100 eggs. You can easily find all eggs if you keep count and make sure to “clear” each of the areas of the map.

Something else to keep an eye out on are random chests that you can find all over the map. In those chests, you will find different amounts of Gems. You will not receive any den items or clothing items from random chests.

Lastly, you can keep retrying the Spring Festival adventure as many times as you would like. You can easily obtain all the different spring-themed den items. Keep in mind that you need a friend to solve some of the activities, to unlock the Golden Eggs.

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