Spring Is Here!

Hey everyone! Animal Jam has completely embraced Spring, and there are SO many updates, so let’s get started right away!

Spring Festival

First off, there is a new adventure! It’s called Spring Festival, and it is very similar to Lucky Clovers from the last holiday event! This is all about finding a bunch of eggs, and a hundred of them too! It’s quite time consuming, so I would suggest you do it when you have more than half and hour on your hands. Nevertheless, the adventure is beautifully designed, the prizes look amazing, and the fun is all in the journey. Good luck!

April Fool's Shop 1 April Fool's Shop 2 April Fool's Shop 3

The April Fool’s party is out, so don’t forget to check out these amazing items! They’re crazy, but are well worth the money. Bring out your creativity and imagination with this fun little gimmick items!

Space Den Items

Get ready for out of this world adventure! New Deep Space Den Items are here! They will make your den look like an actual spaceship, so don’t forget to check out these items. They can be found at the Jam Mart Furniture Store!

Travelling Polar Bears

Polar Bears are leaving soon to find colder weather! Go get your’s today in the Diamond Shop for 10 Diamonds before they leave for an indefinite amount of time! You have until April 16th so hurry before it’s too late!

Lizard Maybe

There’s a new animal coming to Jamaa! It appears to be some sort of lizard or other reptile based on it’s tail and footprints. What do you think it could be? How soon is it going to come out?

Sweet Pea

Lastly, with a new month comes a new flower. Get these beautiful Sweet Pea Flowers today! The Non-Member single is 350 gems and the Member’s Only Bouquet is 700 gems. These will certainly spruce up your den to set it straight to springtime.

That’s all for this week! What was your favorite part of this update? Are you going to get a Polar Bear? What animal do you think is coming soon? What are your opinions on the new items? Comment them below! I love to read your comments. See you all very soon! Happy Spring!


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