Square Glasses Are The Monday Rare Item

Hey Jammers! Today is Monday and you know what that means, another rare item is being given away in Animal Jam. Today the rare item being given away is rare square glasses. These glasses will look cool on all of your animals and characters as you wind down summer and the Summer Carnival.


You can login to Animal Jam today and get your rare square glasses, but hurry because these glasses won’t last long! You can tell by the picture that these glasses go well with just about any outfit and would look good on any one of your characters, because these glasses are not too big or too small. Tell your friends about the rare square glasses too because that way you can all look like a huge group if you are wearing the glasses together while in Jamaa. You will be able to find the rare square glasses as soon as you sign in to Animal Jam, and this is a giveaway, which means these rare square glasses are only while supplies last, so hurry! Every Monday a new rare item will be featured in the rare item giveaway, so make sure you keep tuning in on Monday to see what the rare item of the day will be. If you get all of the rare items every week, you will have quite the assortment of clothing and accessories for your Animal Jam friends and characters. Make sure you login today only because these glasses likely will go away before midnight as more people get online to claim them!

  1. thank you

  2. i want a spike collar beacuse all my friand have them esepts me no won wnat to gave me that why AHQJ give me won

  3. i want a spike collar

  4. i want this item because its nice

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