St. Patrick’s Day is Almost Here

Happy St. Patrick’s Day jammers! Although it’s only a day away, Animal Jam has wasted no time preparing these past few weeks, from the new adventure to the Lucky Party to the stores! Today, as it is Monday, there is also a new rare item!

Rare Leprechaun Hat

It is for Members Only, and priced at 750 gems. It is a nice hat and buckle with a luck four-leaf clover on it. Perfect for your upcoming Lucky Outift!

Shamrock Gates

These Shamrock Gates are absolutely delightful for any den! They will make your plain den a bit luckier and cheerier. Both priced at 400 gems and for Members Only, these gates surely will make your den luckily guarded.

Clover Hat and Shoes

Don’t like the new Rare today? Don’t worry! This Hat and Shoes is a nice switch from the classic Rare today. These shoes will give you a spring of luck ever step you take. Don’t forget your fortune filled hat either! Both are 500 gems each and for Members Only.

So what do you think of these new items? Love them? Not so much? Comment below! I get a kick out of reading your responses. See you all very soon and have a super LUCKY DAY!


  1. I’m fox95752 buddy me and her me saint patrick day worn plz plz plz.?

  2. Aww. i missed this week’s rare Monday. ):

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