Animal Jam Star Hat

During each event in Animal Jam, you can expect certain items to be released that are special for those events. If you want to look like you belong, or you simply want to wear the amazing own the new items that get released, you usually end up buying whatever is for sale. The Star Hat is one of those items. This unique hat can be worn by members and non-members alike!

The Star Hat was originally released back in 2013, on June 2. It was released as a clothing item that could be purchased during the Summer Carnival event in Animal Jam. During the Summer Carnival of 2017, the Star Hat was reintroduced to the game, and many different colors were available. Today, we are going to look at the different Star Hats that are available in the game.

Star Hat Appearance

The Star Hat looks like a knitted beanie, and has a string hanging down on each side. On each of those strings, you will find a star. There is also a giant star on the hat itself. There are currently sixteen different varieties of these hats. The original hats are the ones that were released back in 2013. The 2017 hats are the ones that were released during the Summer Carnival of 2017. It is possible for both members and non-members to wear this hat, which is awesome!

Original Star Hats

The original Star Hats come in a variety of colors, and were sold for 2000 Tickets each.


2017 Star Hats

The 2017 Star Hats come in a different variety of colors. However, their appearance as an item is still the same. They also were sold for 2000 Tickets each.


How to Get a Star Hat in Animal Jam

Since the Summer Carnival is currently over, it is not possible to win the Star Hat by exchanging your Tickets. It is not clear if the hat will return during each year’s Summer Carnival, but it is to be expected. If you want to obtain a Star Hat right now, you will have to trade with someone.

Trading for a Star Hat

Since there are so many varieties of Star Hats available, and the item being members and non-members, it will be easy to find a Jammer that has more than one of these. The only way to get a hat for yourself is by trading with another player. You might need to offer something rare in return, since the Star Hat is no longer available in the game.

Star Hat Codes for AJ

Unfortunately, there are no codes available for the Star Hat. If you really want to get a hat for yourself, you will have to trade with someone.

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