Submit Your Own Animal Jam Chat Dictionary Words

Hey Jammers! If you are new to Animal Jam or if you are a longtime player of the game, you might have noticed that there is an Animal Jam Chat Dictionary. The Animal Jam Chat Dictionary is basically pre-approved words that show up on a list that Jammers can type if they have a Restricted Chat access. The words list helps Jammers communicate properly and effectively while also having the Restricted Chat in place, which is to keep you safe.

purple question mark

If you are using Restricted Chat and you have found that there is a word that you think would be useful to add to the list, you need to follow a couple steps to submit your idea to the Animal Jam Head Quarters. You will see a small purple question mark icon right next to the chat box, and click this and then type the word you think would be useful into that box. The word will then be submitted to Animal Jam Head Quarters, where all suggestions are looked at on a daily basis, so you don’t need to wait for long to see if your suggestion makes it into the pre-approved list of Restricted Chat words. Don’t think that any of your ideas are bad because Animal Jam Head Quarters often relies on the players to add words to the dictionary, because you guys are the ones who are chatting and you know what words are useful and commonly found within your group. Make sure as with everything that the word you are submitting is appropriate, and that it is something more people would know besides just a small group of your friends.

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