Summer Arrives in Jamaa – 2018 Carnival + More News!

May is coming to an end so you know what that means?  Summer is right around the corner!  Many students finished school this week or will be done next week.  Even if you’re still in school, don’t worry because summer has already started in Jamaa!

Now the biggest announcement this week is of course the release of the Direwolf in Animal Jam!  They were announced a couple weeks ago and now they’ve officially arrived.  If you haven’t seen my other post about direwolves, you can find it here.  I made a video of the new direwolf too so you can see them in action!

Another exciting announcement is that the Ol Barn den is back!  If you consider yourself more of a country person then this den is perfect for you.  Turn your den into a haven for all kinds of animals, even ones you wouldn’t normally see on a farm!

The arrival of summer in Jamaa always reminds me of one thing – the summer carnival!  The 2018 summer carnival is here with tons of fun games and other activities to keep you busy. There are some great new prizes this year too so start saving your tickets now!

The refer a friend program was introduced in Animal Jam earlier this year.  Basically if you refer a friend to join Animal Jam, you’ll both get 1500 gems.  Not only that but if they join and purchase a membership you will receive 15 diamonds and a whole week added to your membership for free!  If that’s not a great reason to tell your friends about Animal Jam then I don’t know what is.

Like I said earlier, the Summer Carnival is back with new prizes!  You can find them at the 3 shops inside of the carnival.  AJHQ usually will add different prizes as summer goes on so make sure to keep checking the shops.

The series of Alpha masterpiece frames continues with the addition of Cosmo’s frame.  I really like this one for some reason!  I think it’d look great with some nature art.  There’s also a new hard mode for the Mystery Remains adventure if you’re feeling brave enough to try it.

Even though school is coming to an end, you’re definitely going to want to do some reading this summer.  There are new Animal Jam books available that you can add to your summer reading list!  You can buy them on Amazon.

So far it seems like this summer is off to a great start!  Check back soon for more updates.

  1. flower crowns r for members only!

  2. This is so great Ant! Just one little thing, can you post more? So much is coming to AJ plus in Play Wild, flower crowns are on sale in Epic Wonders!

    • You are tracking kidding me! My tablet stopped working so I am missing this!


  4. If anyone is wondering about the cotton candy, I have a few combinations.
    Any cone + Black + White + Black = Phantom.
    Star cone + Black + White + Black = Phantom with crown.
    Lightning cone + White + Blue + White = Moon.
    Lightning cone + Blue + Yellow + Pink = Rainbow.
    Star cone + Yellow + Yellow + Yellow = Star.
    Heart cone + Pink + Pink + Pink = Heart.
    Star cone + Yellow + Orange + Orange = Sun.

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