Summer Carnival 2018 Tour & Tips for Games

The Summer Carnival is back again for 2018 with some fun new attractions and features!  Here you’ll get a quick tour of the Summer Carnival along with some tips and cheats for the games to earn more tickets!

Any Jammer can go to the Summer Carnival and it’s free to enter.  All you have to do is click on one of the Summer Carnival banners that can be found around Jamaa.  You can also access the Summer Carnival from your party menu.

Note: some of the information in this post is from past Summer Carnivals but most of it is still accurate!


This is the area of the Summer Carnival that you will be brought to.  Time to venture inside!


Summer Carnival 2018 Video Tour & Guide

Summer Carnival 2018 Games – Tips & Cheats

What’s everyone come to the carnival for?  Games!  There are a few different games to play and they each cost 5 gems to play.  You can earn tickets from playing the games and use them to buy special Summer Carnival items and accessories!

Let’s see what games are at the Animal Jam Summer Carnival this year!


Phantom Ball

Phantom Ball is a classic Summer Carnival game.  The goal is to roll the ball into one of the holes, especially the 250 & 300 point ones!  You need to click to stop the pointer from moving then hold/release your click to determine how hard the ball shoots.

It can take some time to get used to the aiming system, practice makes perfect!

Tip: Take your time when aiming the pointer before making your first click.  Don’t let the moving 300 target distract you!


Once you master the aiming process, you’ll earn lots of tickets from this game!


Carnival Darts

Carnival darts has been here for years and is another classic Summer Carnival game.  The goal of carnival darts is to shoot the balloons and phantoms using the darts.  But watch out!  If you let a phantom fall to the ground they will eat your darts.  Once you run out of darts, it’s game over.

Cheat: Aim for the yellow balloons with letters on them.  These are worth the most points.  The first one you hit is worth 1000 points, the second is worth 2000, and so on.


Candy Catch

Candy Catch is a simple game where you need to move your cursor left to right to catch the falling pieces of candy.  Just make sure you dont catch the falling phantoms, they will cost you points!

Tip: Avoid moving your cup back and forth too quickly when the phatoms start falling.  It’s easy to get overwhelmed when they start falling, but try to keep your movements as steady as possible.



The goal of Whack-A-Phantom is to hit the white eyed phantoms when they pop up.  Don’t hit the red eyed phantoms because you will lose points!

Cheat: Be sure to go for the gold phantoms when they pop up.  They are worth a lot more points but they only stay up for a split second.



This game is a fairly new addition to the Summer Carnival.  I think Dunk-A-Phantom is one of the hardest carnival games.  To play this game, you need to click and drag the ball in the slingshot to aim it at the target.  If you hit the bullseye, the phantom will be dunked right away.  If you hit the target outside of the bullseye, it will take 2 shots to dunk the phantom.

Tip: Since this game is pretty difficult, I recommend playing a different game if you’re trying to earn lots of tickets.


Summer Carnival 2018 Shops

The shops are another exciting part of the Summer Carnival.  Here you’ll find lots of items for sale that aren’t available anywhere else in Jamaa.  To buy things from the Summer Carnival shops, you’ll need tickets!  Read through the carnival game guide above for tips and cheats for earning more tickets!

Let’s take a look at the shops at the Summer Carnival. Note: some of these items have changed over time.  To see the latest items visit our main Summer Carnival page.


Den Items Shop

The den items shop at the Summer Carnival has lots of fun carnival items you can buy to spice up your den.  Who doesn’t want a carnival tent and some balloons in their yard?!


Summer Carnival Items & Accessories 2018

The Summer Carnival shops also have a bunch of exclusive items and accessories for your animals!  I thought my falcon could use an umbrella hat to block the sun :p

These items will only be available during the Summer Carnival so make sure you get them while you can!


Plushie Shop

If you’re a big plushie collector then you don’t want to miss the ones available at the 2018 Summer Carnival.  There are tons of new patriotic plushies that you can buy from the plushie stand.  They’re so cool!


Summer Carnival Activities

If you’re not tired out from all the games and shopping, there are some other fun activities to do at the Summer Carnival.

Print and Play

First up, you may have noticed the tent when you first enter the Summer Carnival.  If you click on this tent, you’ll be able to print off some coloring pages and fun games!


Cotton Candy Machine

Playing at the Summer Carnival all day can work up an appetite!  Luckily there’s a cotton candy machine to help satisfy your hunger.


You get to choose your cone and the color of cotton candy you want!  Once the cotton candy is ready, you get to scoop it out of the bowl into your cone.


The best part is you get to walk/fly around with your cotton candy when it’s done!


That’s pretty much everything at the 2018 Animal Jam Summer Carnival.  If anyone else knows any helpful tips or cheats for the carnival games, please share them in the comments!

  1. Do all red, and it makes a heart! I suggest doing the heart cone.
    Do all yellow and you get a sun!

  2. to make a king phantom you click the star cone and do black white black

  3. If you do blue,then yellow, and then red it makes a rainbow.

  4. If you get cotton candy, you can make one with black, white, black and it turns into phantom cotton candy!

  5. you can do up to three colors on the cotton candy machine, and if you go lightning cone, black, white black, you get a phantom.

    • Not only the lightning cone, but any cone! I’ve tried it with hearts and dots before, and poof! Phantom!

      • Try doing it with the star cone!

      • And If you do it with a yellow cone, you’ll get a phantom king!

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