Super Sort Cheats for Animal Jam


Super Sort is an Animal Jam game that involves sorting paper and plastic recyclables into the correct bins.  Super Sort is found in the Sarepia Forest near the bottom of the slide.  Use your left and right arrow keys to change which direction the recyclables fall.  This can be tricky because the paddle sends the recyclables in the opposite direction you choose.


If you correctly sort all of the recyclable items, you receive a bonus for that level.  The higher the difficulty, the larger the bonus you receive.  If you incorrectly sort too many recyclables, you lose the game.


As you get further in Super Sort, the levels become more difficult with additional conveyor belts added.  Just be patient and follow some of the cheats and hints below to master Super Sort.


Cheats & Hints

You can move the paddle while the recycled item is still falling to hit it into the bin.  This can help save time when there are lots of recyclables falling.

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