Temple of Trivia Cheats for Animal Jam


The Temple of Trivia is an Animal Jam game found in the Lost Temple of Zios.  Up to 12 Jammers can play the Temple of Trivia at once.  Each player tries to answer as many questions correctly as they can before time runs out.


Some of the questions can be difficult, especially if you’re not familiar with animals.  Use the cheats and hints below to help while playing Temple of Trivia.

Cheats & Hints

Most of the answers to the questions can be found around Jamaa.

If you’re not able to answer many questions, explore the map to learn about more animals.

If you win first place, you get a star that follows you around while you walk!


  1. I’m good at it, I’ll admit. ^_^

  2. omg not good at temple of trivia and i want to know how to be cool

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