The Beach Den

Hello everyone! It’s Acrowded here, bringing you another installment of the Jamaa Journal! There are some big updates this time, so let’s get a move on.

Beach House Den

First things first, there is an amazing new den! It’s called the Beach House Den and it is one of the biggest dens there are! There are a total of 3 floors to the entire house, but there is more!

Beach House

It comes with a huge waterslide, a private island off the shores of the beach, and even a mountainous ridge off to the right side of the house! Not to mention, there’s an indoor pool as well. If you have the money, this den is well worth the buy. It can fit almost all of your den items in there, so space is definitely not a concern!

Beach Coming Soon

This may be what Animal Jam was hinting about in an earlier addition of Jamaa Journal. As you can see, the fence in the above picture matches the one in the Beach Den. The rocky ridge on the right side of the page is also part of the den!

Den Item Contest Den Vote

Next, there is another Den Item contest! Pick between A Mechanical Wonderland, An Excavation Site, and An Awesome Sand Castle!

Cheetahs are Back

Cheetahs are coming as fast as they left! These big cats are rushing back over to Jamaa, so if you’ve been waiting to get one, the wait will be over soon! Don’t forget to check out a new video starring the Cheetahs called “All Tied Up”.

That is all for the first week of May! Don’t forget to keep checking back for more updates on Animal Jam. As for now, comment below and let us know what you think! Are you excited for Cheetahs? Did you buy the new den? What den furniture did you vote for? Let us know below! I will see you all very soon. Bye!


  1. please give me a key

  2. Hello AJ World the winner of the april membership is ???

  3. Cool post hope to hear more. And isn’t the island cool? I mean. You can put tiki torches and towels there and have a party spot!
    So I think aj outdid themselves on this one.

    But I wish they would make a den like.

    It has 10 spaces ( rooms ) lots of windows! Is made of gold or sparkly things. Has a island and has like a huge room for party’s!

    Anyone else like this den idea?

    • ya that would awesome but they should also put a big den for nonmembers

  4. why memberd now?

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