The Great Escape Cheats & Guide

The Great Escape is the fourth Animal Jam Adventure that can be found at the Adventures Base Camp.  In this adventure, you have to get captured by the phantoms to gain entrance into the tower that they’ve taken over.  It’s up to you to find the trapped monkeys and set them free.


First talk to Cosmo.  He’ll tell you that it’s raining sludge and it’s killing the plants.  He thinks it’s coming from the tower.  The phantoms have turned the tower into a dungeon and you need to find a way inside.
Cosmo says you should try to get captured on purpose so you can gain entry into the phantom tower.  Once you’re inside, you need to escape the dungeon and rescue the trapped monkeys.
Run across the bridge and start hopping and playing.  Eventually you will get captured by the phantoms.
When you are in the prison cell, whoever is in the cell next to you says there is a switch in your cell that opens a secret door.
Near the left side of your cell you’ll find the switch that opens a door to the secret tunnel.
Enter the tunnel and grab a torch so you can see.  Make your way through the tunnel and talk to Andy the monkey.  He says you need to do something with the light, mirrors, and crystal to open the door.
Turn the mirror until the lights connect and the door opens.
When you’re in the dungeon, you need to rotate the mirrors to reflect the light onto the crystal.  The mirrors should look like this to open the door.
When you enter the next part of the dungeon, you need to avoid the phantom’s watch beams.  Wait until they are aimed away from you and then run past them.  Run down the hallway and to the right and you will find the keys.
Use the keys to free the trapped monkeys.  They will tell you that there is a switch to turn off the phantom guards.  Click on the switch to turn off the guards.
Once you have freed all of the monkeys, meet them at the Mira emblem.  Hop on the emblem to open the door.
Go through the door and make your way past the phantom guard.  Turn off the switch near the bottom of the staircase.
On the next level, you need to turn two of the mirrors to aim the light at the crystals.  When you do this, the door will open.
Go upstairs and make your way past the phantom guards again.  You need to use the key to unlock the door and then click on the switch to turn off the phantom guards.
On this level you need to turn the mirrors again to open the door.  The light path should look like this in order to open the door.
On this next level, you need to make your way past the phantom guards again.  This level is a bit harder than the ones before, hide behind the rock cubes to avoid the phantom’s beams.  Get the key and then use it to unlock the next door.
Go up the stairs and you’ll find three phantoms guarding the room.  Use the boomseeds to defeat them.  Then you need to use a boomseed to destroy the rock blocking the mirrors.  After that, turn the rest of the mirrors to complete the light pathway.
When you get to the top level, there will be a lot of phantoms and the portals that they spawn from.  Use the boomseeds to defeat the phantoms and destroy their portals.  Go outside and talk to Greely.
Use the parachute to escape the tower.  Use the arrow keys to move left and right and collect gems on your way down.
Talk to Cosmo and he will thank you for completing the adventure and give you a prize.  Nice work!  You’ve saved the monkeys and gotten information on what’s going on in the tower!

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