The Mystery Below Adventure Guide & Cheats

The Mystery Below is a new Animal Jam adventure that was released at the end of November 2017.  This adventure is available for all Jammers and can be accessed through the parties list or by entering the Forgotten Archive.

This adventure is fairly short to complete but some of the parts can be repetitive so I would recommend playing it with buddies.  Some of the tasks in The Mystery Below are easier to explain in a video than with text and pictures.  So I made a video walkthrough guide for this adventure below that you can follow along with.

You can continue reading for more tips and an in-depth walkthrough guide!

The Mystery Below Tips, Cheats & Walkthrough Guide

When you first begin the Mystery Below, you will need to talk to Cosmo and Graham.  They’ll tell you that the green fungi produce light blossoms.  You will need to use these light blossoms to illuminate the crystals along the path.

Keep using the fungi to light up your path until you reach the circular area.  Here you’ll see Graham and Cosmo again and they point out that there is a hidden door in the middle of the circle.  You need to lure all 5 glow moths to the crystals around the hidden door.  Note: this part is much easier when playing with buddies, it takes a while to get them all by yourself.

Here’s a tip if you’re having trouble finding the months.  I noticed that each moth is located almost perfectly in the direction of each crystal in the main circle.  So basically start in the circle and go in the direction that the crystal faces.  I’ve included a picture with arrows for the direction to go.

After you’ve found all 5 moths, Cosmo and Graham will talk to you for a bit and then the hidden door will be open.  Click on it to find out what’s inside!

When you get to the new area, talk to Graham and Cosmo again.  Then take a torch and light the 3 large fire pit torches in the hallway.

Wow!  There’s a whole underground city down here!  Go through the doorway at the end of the hall to check it out.

Cosmo and Graham will tell you about the orbs that project light.  These streams of light will unlock the secrets of this ancient city.

Now for this part of the adventure, you need to turn the mirrors to reflect the light in the correct directions.  These puzzles are easier to show in the video instead of trying to type the directions.  I recommend watching the video above to see how to position the mirrors!

Once you solve all of the puzzles, the adventure is complete!  Go talk to Cosmo and Graham at the obelisk.

The ancient city still remains a mystery but you’ve still earned a prize for all of your work!  Pick from one of the treasure chests to reveal your prize.  I got an ancient welcome mat, what did you get?!

The Mystery Below Treasure Chest Locations & Prizes

As you do the Mystery Below adventure, there are some treasure chests hidden throughout the map.  Some of them can only be opened by certain animals so it helps to have some buddies with you to unlock them!  Here are the locations of some of the treasure chests.

Treasure #1 – Located during the moth part of the adventure

This treasure chest can be found near the top of your map, see the screenshot below.

Inside of this chest I found an ancient hanging lantern!

Treasure #2 – Located in the ancient city (only accessible by arctic wolves)

When you’re in the ancient city, you can find this treasure chest near the top left corner of your map.  Note: this chamber can only be opened by an arctic wolf.

Inside the treasure chest I found some ancient ruins.  This will be a neat souvenir to put in my den!

Treasure #3 – Located in the ancient city (only accessible by snow leopards)

This treasure can also be found in the ancient city but it can only be opened by a snow leopard.  I did not have a snow leopard with me so I couldn’t open it, but the location is shown in the screenshot below.

I know there are some other treasure chests in this adventure but those are the 3 that I found while playing.  What treasures and prizes did you find during this adventure?  And what do you think will happen next with the ancient city?  Check back soon for more updates and the next part of this mystery!

  1. I found the Lantern, the rug, the sofa, the table, and a cave crystal. Thanks for the advice!!!

    User: katiebug2501

  2. Thanks a lot
    I got a Anccient sofa

  3. I found an Ancient Vanity and an Ancient Sofa as well as an Ancient Rug

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