The Phantom Dimension in Play Wild – New Area!

If you ever wondered what a Phantom world looked like, you are in for a surprise. The Night of the Phantoms event ended, and it seemed like all the Phantoms disappeared. However, instead of disappearing, they simply went back to their own world, their own dimension. On November 4, 2018, a Spike Phantom unlocked a portal that gave you access to the Phantom Dimension.

The Phantom Dimension was open for a total of five minutes, between 1:00 AM GMT and 1:05 AM GMT. It is possible that you missed it, but fear not! It is still possible to enter the Phantom Dimension, but to open up the portal, you have to enter a secret code. Let’s take a look!

How to enter the Phantom Dimension in Play Wild

In order to enter the Phantom Dimension, you need to know of a secret password. First, you need to travel to the Lost Temple of Zios. Once you are there, walk upwards to find the Portal.

First, stand in front of the Phantom Portal. After that, equip the Phantom Flight Suit. If you do not own the Phantom Flight Suit, you will not be able to enter the Phantom Dimension.

After equipping the Phantom Flight Suit, use the Cry Emote, followed by the Sit Action. This will make the Portal come alive, and the Phantom Eye will start scanning your animal.

Once it is doing that, you need to use the Ninja Emote. Lastly, you need to say Open Sesame using the Bubble Chat feature. You can find the phrase at the Meeting tab, as seen below.

If you have done everything correctly, the Portal opens up for you, and you can now enter the Phantom Dimension. If it doesn’t open up, you missed one of the steps mentioned above.

Phantom Dimension Overview

Once you enter the Phantom Dimension, you will notice that it is an entirely different world. However, you will also notice that you are still at the Lost Temple of Zios. The first thing that you will notice is that the entire world is dark, and that Phantoms are wandering around.

You can  freely walk around here, but be warned. When the Phantom Guards spot you, a red circle appears above their heads. If those circles go full, they will attack you. A battle will start.

Phantom Dimension Battles

There are a number of different Phantoms that will attack you when they spot you. To defeat them, you have to throw Paintseeds at them. You do so by quickly tapping on your screen in a successful sequence. If you are too late to tap on your screen, the Phantom will attack you. It should also be noted that the different Phantoms have different rewards for defeating them.

In the picture above, you can see how a Phantom Battle looks like. You have to be quick enough to tap on your screen when the tap button appears. Several of them will appear in a sequence, so you will have to pay attention. If you miss a tap, the Phantom will attack you.

These are the rewards for defeating the Phantom in a Phantom Battle:

  • Proto-Phantom: One tap to defeat, 5 Phantom Tokens Reward
  • Phantom: Three taps to defeat, 15-25 Phantom Tokens Reward
  • Spiky Phantom: Three/Four taps to defeat, 25-35 Phantom Tokens Reward

Phantom Dimension Shop & Items – Play Wild Potions

There is a shop in the Phantom Dimension. It is named ???. In this shop, you can use your Phantom Tokens to purchase different kinds of items. Let’s take a look at what kind of special items you can purchase, and what you can use them for.

Dark Amulet

The first item on the list is the Dark Amulet. It can be purchased for 6,000 Phantom Tokens. It comes in six different variants; Purple, Blue, Green, Grey, Red and Brown.

Escaped Phantom Plushie

The Escaped Phantom Plushie is a den item that costs 250 Phantom Tokens. It can be placed in your own den, in the normal world. It also comes in six different variants.

Phantom Emote Set

The Phantom Emote Set contains a total of six emotes that unlocks for the player once they have purchased this set. The set costs 12,000 Phantom Tokens.

Become Your Pet Potion

If you ever wanted to play as your pet in Play Wild, this is your chance! The Become Your Pet Potion allows you to become your pet for a total of 60 minutes. It costs 3,000 Phantom Tokens.

Speed Potion

The Speed Potion allows you to run much faster for a total of 60 minutes. The potion costs 600 Phantom Tokens.

Glow Potion

The Glow Potion makes your animal glow brighter for a total of 60 minutes. It costs 1,000 Phantom Tokens.

Shrink Potion

The last item in the shop is the Shrink Potion. It costs 2,000 Phantom Tokens, and allows your animal to become tiny for a total of 60 minutes.

Other Areas in the Phantom Dimension

There are currently three playable areas in the Phantom Dimension; The Lost Temple of Zios, Jamaa Township and Sarepia Forest. The other areas are locked, the gates will not open. It is very likely that the developers will allow the players to enter the other areas as well.

  1. I dont see the plush! Is it a new item?! I go to the dimension whenever I can but I dont see the plush! ;-; btw my name in AJPW is Galaxycat148 plz buddy me if you can!

  2. I have answers to all your questions. Now, you can get paintseed plants at the sapphire shop for 100 sapphires. When you wait for the seeds to grow back for about 30 minutes, you get 3 seeds. When you wait for maybe 1 hour, an hour and 30 minutes, you will get 6 seeds. When you wait for maybe 10 hours,you get 9 seeds. Repeat this process for maybe few days, get at least 120 paintseeds, do the steps to get in side the phantom dimension, and fight phantoms until you get about 1000 phantom coins. go to the shop near the dragonflies and buy a phantom portal for your den. Then, you won’t a phantom flight suit or do the steps. Keep saving for other things, if you want, too. I hope this helped. Thanks for.taking the time to read this comment for whoever does. -Jam On, kingsworld8

  3. how do u get back to the normal jamaa?

  4. I don’t know for sure but I go on it get the paint seeds leave then wait a few hours (don’t know how many) and then I see them on the tree again.

  5. How long does it take for the paintseeds to replenish it selves?

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