The Phantom Portal Cheats & Guide

The Phantom Portal is the second Animal Jam adventure to be released since they started the adventures.  In this adventure, the phantoms have taken over and made the river toxic, killing all of the the plants.  It’s up to you to restore order and kick the phantoms out of town.


When you first speak to Liza, she tells you that the phantoms have taken over and poisoned the river.  You and your fellow adventurers have to find all 4 corks and plug the pipes near the river.


Once you plug all 4 pipes, the river will start flowing again with fresh water.  Now you need to revive the chomper plants.  Fill up your watering can at one of the wells.


Use the water to revive the chomper plants around the forest.  Keep filling up your jug at wells whenever you run out of water.


Once you revive all of the chomper plants, one of the phantoms will drop a key.  Bring this key to the phantom door and use it to unlock the door.


When you go through the phantom door you’ll see 4 monkeys locked in cages.  Walk around and find the 4 keys for each of the monkey cages.


You’ll find phantom webs all around the forest.  Behind each web somewhere is a key for a monkey cage.  Click on the web a few times to break through it.

Find all 4 keys and set the monkeys free from their cages.  Then go hop up and down on the Mira Emblem to open the phantom gate.


Once the phantom gate opens, go through it and you’ll enter a cavern.  Liza will tell you that the phantom king is going to come through the portal.  You must find all 3 alpha stones to close it.  The stones aren’t too hard to find but it can be difficult choosing the right slides and ladders to use.

After you find all 3 alpha stones, the phantom portal will close and the king won’t be able to get through it.  Way to go!  Now enter the portal to return to base camp.

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  2. I am not a animal jam member, but I think i would love it, but when i went through i couldn’t talk to liza and I hated animal jam.

  3. Thank you for the tips.

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  5. I unlocked and freed all the monkeys and I’m standing on the emblem, but it won’t open. All it says is find the keys and free the monkeys. Then, you can open the phantom door, but I did that. Is this a bug?

    • Nevermind. It said hop but I didn’t know to ACTUALLY hop.

  6. I have a glitch for the training: at the tall grass part, there are the last two phantoms and then you are done; get into both the phantom’s eyesight, wait for them to come really close, then dart back into the grass. the bottom phantom will glitch, causing it to look one way, than the other repeatedly super fast. btw, I’m a level 13 and have been playing aj for about two years now. come check out my christmas den!

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  9. I know a cheat ok SOMETIMES if u hop and the monkeys don’t open the gate and u hop 2 UR IN A CHEAT ADVENTURE
    thank u

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