The Pizza Counter & Heart Necklace

Hey jammers! I’m just doing the new items for today because there isn’t much to post about and there isn’t a new DE post! So it might be kinda lame but oh well what can we do?

So we have 3 new items in stock for today!


The 2 broken heart necklaces sold in jam mart clothing for 350 gems each! Now you and your buddies can have a heart necklace that can be put together to make one heart.


Last item to pizza counter.

Sold in jam mart furniture for 550 gems! Pizza is so good! What’s your fav pizza?

That’s all for today!

– violet

  1. not Sorry if you thought it actually was hate but i wanted to do a little joke im bored now

  2. Yup i have one: AJAJ I have no code, Aj Aj you are crude, Aj Aj I hate you

  3. Have any diamond codes that have not been used?

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