The Search for Greely & Other News

There’s a new adventure for Jammers to play!  No one has seen or heard from Greely since the Greely’s Inferno adventure.  Hopefully he’s still out there and survived the eruption.  Find out where Greely is in this new adventure.  Full walkthrough guide coming soon!

Pandas are back on the endangered list now.  Hopefully you have one in your animal collection or you’ll have to wait until they come back from being endangered!


There’s lots of new videos of animals at the Sarepia Theater!  Go check out the theater to see these new videos!


There’s also going to be an April Fools party coming soon to Jamaa so be sure to check it out!


  1. Greedy: I’m here to study the phantoms and kill sheep to disguise like them so they won’t run away but it doesn’t work but ill give you a pet phantom if you find me in the search for me. Mira: I lost sight of greedy and I can’t find him or control him so I’ve been gone for a real long time just to find him and the only trace of me is my feather and my statue. Cosmo: I always been surprised when players tell me they find greedy in random places like the phantom fortress. Me: I WANT SPIKE GREEDY GIVE ME SPIKE

  2. Someone please tell an eagle code, I want to know some…

  3. i want get member Plss ^^ give

  4. wow i seen this happend to a lot of nms the graham doll set used to be nm then went to member gow weird and its still in my den has it happend to anyone else?

    • It’s happened to me!! I still have mine! It’s kewl.

  5. Thx aj for the new adventure. I will be sure to check it out! =D Btw,guys be sure to like and subscribe my videos! My you tube channel is dwills42. Thx.

  6. It hasn’t happened to me, but I wish I had known that you could do that! I rlly want to play the new adventure… and the other ones too. :3)
    – Mustachelover1515

  7. ok did this happen to anyone since the new adventure came everyone is invisable and im a nm and for a while it let me do the search of greely after that i went to do another one then it says only for members i was so annoyed why did
    they do this!

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