The Third Jamaaliday Post!

Acrowded here! A bunch of new Jamaaliday Items were released, so lets check them out! First of all, here are all of the gifts since the last update:

Gift 5 Gift 6 Gift 7

Next, we have a new rare item today! It is a membered, and HUGE sleigh full of holiday gifts! Its a bit pricy at 850 gems, but well worth it in my opinion.

Rare Gift Sleigh

We also have a bunch of new items! They are all super nice and can be used to decorate yourself, or your home for this holiday season. Super nice!

Jamaaliday Lights Jolly Elf Hat

And last, but certainly not least, THE UNRELEASED STONE SWORD IS RELEASED! You can change it’s color, and it’s only two diamonds! Really cool if you ask me.

Stone Sword


So what do you think of the new updates? Are you excited for more things? What are your thoughts, ideas, or predictions? Comment them below! I would love to know. That is all for now, see you in the next post and HAPPY JAMAALIDAYS!


  1. I have… I used to have 8 now I have 5 my username is millionaire45

  2. i also didn’t get a anemone head bow so please trade me one my aj username is Dutchessswan773

  3. i did’t get a holiday sweater can someone please trade me one my aj username is Dutchessswan773

  4. i am fat

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