New Animal Jam Magazine – This Is Animal Jam

Have you been wishing for more Animal Jam printed materials?  Well you’re in luck!  Animal Jam just released a brand new magazine called “This is Animal Jam”!  This new series is a magazine and so much more.  Time to check out what This is Animal Jam is all about.

The magazine was first announced in the Jamaa Journal and the Daily Explorer on May 6th 2018.  The first issue hit the shelves soon after and is surely a new favorite for Jammers.  AJHQ released some teaser pictures and a bit of information on This Is Animal Jam when it was released.  Here’s what we know so far.

This is Animal Jam is a magazine packed with all kinds of information and activities.  Each magazine features quizzes, facts, puzzles, games, and of course pictures of your favorite animals.  It also comes with 5 free gifts and an exclusive game code for a rare spike!

Where to Buy This is Animal Jam Magazine?

If you’re interested in this magazine then probably the most important question is where can I buy it?  Well here’s the scoop!  The magazine is available in the United States at Barnes and Noble stores.  At the time of writing this, they did not have it for sale on their website yet.  But if they do sell it online eventually, you’ll be able to find it here.

This is Animal Jam is also available for sale in the UK at various newsstands or you can buy it online at DC Thompson Shop.  It’s currently in stock on their website here.  The price is £5.99 and they also offer overseas shipping for £3.  So for those of you who are unable to find it in stores, you can order it online from the UK!

Can I buy a subscription to the magazine?

As of right now I haven’t found any information on how to get a subscription to This is Animal Jam.  It’s still early so I’ll update this page when more information on subscriptions is available.

What’s included with This is Animal Jam Magazines?

When I said This is Animal Jam is more than just a magazine I wasn’t kidding!  This information is based on the first issue so other issues may be different in the future.  The first issues of the magazine comes wrapped in plastic with several other goodies inside!  Credit to Kidzcoolit for the image below.

Each issue of This is Animal Jam includes 5 free gifts!

  • Coloring pencils
  • Stickers
  • A Key Ring
  • A Separate Book Extract
  • Exclusive in-game code card

With all of that packed into one magazine it’s sure to keep you busy for a while!

Animal Jam Magazine Codes

In typical Animal Jam style, AJHQ has included an exclusive in-game code with each copy of This is Animal Jam magazine.  I haven’t gotten my hands on a copy for myself yet so I’m not exactly sure what the in-game code is like.

All I know is the details from Animal Jam on the first issue is that the magazine code is good for a rare spike!  That’s right, if you buy the new magazine you can finally get yourself a rare spike without having to trade all of your inventory.  If anyone knows more about what this rare spike code unlocks or has a picture, please let me know in the comments and I’ll update this post!

  1. You get a nonmember rare Mystical Spiked Collar with the promo code.

  2. i want aj school stuff

  3. wow of animal jam

  4. I saw one listed on Ebay

  5. My daughter had the same problem. Try where you can buy magazines we found it there.

  6. We
    Can’t find this anywhere! Have hunted the whole of the UK I feel !!! Have asked in so many magazine shops…. we found the 1st mag in Asda and since that nothing anywhere 🙁 …

  7. Hello,
    My daughter is trying to figure out how to get a copy of the magazine. We’ve looked on B&, and also checked the link for the store in the UK, and it’s not available in either place. Has this gone on sale?

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