Tips for Making Your Animal Jam Password Strong

If you are playing a game like Animal Jam, it is important to know how to make your password strong and secure, which can help keep your account information safe while on the game. While Animal Jam does everything it can to prevent hackers and spammers from getting into your accounts, it is always a good idea to make a strong password to make it that much harder for bad people to potentially hack into your account. Here are a few guidelines about how to make a strong password for Animal Jam, which you should do for the Parent account as well as the child’s user account.

The first step to making a strong password on Animal Jam is to think of a phrase you will remember, and then use this as your template to create your password. The phrase can be anything, such as “My cat will be 3 on October 24.”

After you come up with your phrase, take the first letter of each word in that phrase and write it down to create the password. In the example above, the password would look like “mcwb3o24” and then you can begin the next step.

The next step is to put at least one capital letter in that password, whether at the beginning or the end, and you can have more than one capital letter if you want.

To make your password even more secure, you can replace letters with numbers or special symbols. In the above example, you could use “Mcwb3024” where the “o” in October was replaced with a “0” instead. You also could used $ instead of the letter “s” if that is in your phrase as well.

Finally, in order to protect your data and personal information, do not use the same password on Animal Jam that you use for other websites, especially for banking. Make sure that the password for Animal Jam is unique and different from all your other online accounts to ensure that if one game is hacked or one account is hacked, that your other accounts will not be affected.

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