Top Hat of Spooks!

Hi everybody! Today, was Monday which by Animal Jam logic means its time for another Rare Item! Now, today’s item is based off of another rare item Monday, but this design was pretty good in my taste! Its pretty expensive (For Standard Member Income) but I would definitely buy it! In fact, I managed to get one for myself for future references! Its very nice looking and classy.


I love the colors because it totally matches the Halloween spirit! Even AJ made a cool blog post about it.

Phantom Top Hat Rare Blog Post

You can check out the entire post at The Daily Explorer, AJ’s official blog! The Rhino on the front cover is really cute! Its a great way to use the hat and some of the items are even store bought! However, the spike wrist might be a bit tougher to get XP.

That is all for now, enjoy your week of Halloween!


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