Toucan Plushie – Toucan Claw Prize

Den items are some of the most popular items in Animal Jam. They are different compared to animals and pets, because they are used to decorate dens. The Toucan Plushie is one of those items. It resembles a Toucan bird, and can be placed in your own den as decoration.

The Toucan Plushie is a brand new item, released on September 2, 2018. It is a non-member den item, and is rewarded by playing The Toucan Claw. Recycling the plushie will give you 15 Gems, which is a very small amount. I would advise you to just keep the plushie for yourself.

As stated above, the Toucan Plushie resembles the toucan bird. You can clearly see it sitting down, wings to its side. It also appears to be smiling, in a happy mood. There are a total of ten different varieties available; seven color varieties and three outfit varieties.

Toucan Plushie Varieties

There are seven different color varieties for the Toucan Plushie; Purple, Black, Blue, Brown, Green, White and Red. You can see the different color varieties below.


Besides the color varieties, there are also three different outfit varieties. The three outfits are Clown, Singer and Graduate. The outfit varieties can be seen below.


How to Get a Toucan Plushie

The only way to get the Toucan Plushie in Animal Jam is by playing The Toucan Claw game. You can buy The Toucan Claw machine at the Diamond Shop for 3 Diamonds. By playing it, you can win one of the ten different Toucan Plushies. However, since you own the machine, you can keep playing it until you have all ten varieties.


The Toucan Claw machine is a members-only item. If you don’t have a membership, you will not be able to buy this machine. That means you won’t be able to win any plushies. Another way to get your hands on those plushies is by trading with other Jammers. Since the plushies are common, you won’t have to give up any of your own rare items.

Toucan Plushie Codes

Unfortunately, there are no available codes for the Toucan Plushie. Your best bet would be to buy The Toucan Claw machine, or simply trade with other Jammers.

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