Traveling Salesman Shop in AJPW – Where is it?

It is always enjoyable when new items get released in Play Wild. You run off with your animal to the shop that sells those new items, just to check them out, and perhaps even buy them. What would be even more entertaining is if there was a shop that went from location to location, and sell new goods every time it opened shop. Luckily, there is such a thing in PW. Let’s take a look!

Back in June 2017, Arthur was introduced into the game. Arthur is the Traveling Salesman, who happily travels around Jamaa. He was first sighted in Jamaa Township, after which he made his way to Coral Canyons, Crystal Sands and Mt. Shiveer as well. Ever since his introduction, Arthur will travel around Jamaa every few weeks, selling items that can only be found in his shop.

Arthur the Raccoon

Arthur the Traveling Salesman is a raccoon. He wears a red vest with a matching red fez. Both apparel items have yellow/gold details on them. Arthur takes his wooden cart and travels to all kinds of different places, selling his goods. Within his cart, you find a book, which is clickable. If you click on it, the shop menu will open. You will find items that you might have seen in other shops in Jamaa. However, the color schemes are different, only found in Arthur’s shop.

Where is the Traveling Salesman Shop?

As mentioned above, Arthur only stays at a particular location for a few weeks. After that, he travels to another location, setting up shop there. The Traveling Salesman Shop keeps changing its items for sale as well. There are usually a combination of members and non-members items for sale. Obviously, you will need a membership to be able to buy the members-only items.

Current Location of the Traveling Salesman Shop in Play Wild

The Traveling Salesman is currently located in Mt. Shiveer. He has been there since September 17, 2018. Usually, Arthur stays in one location for about two weeks, after which he moves on to the next location. You still have a chance to catch him and purchase the items he is selling.

Currently, the shop has six non-members items and three members-only items for sale. The non-members items are the Submarine Hat, Sun Balloon, Moon Balloon, Sun Hat, Google Eye Glasses and Phantom Necklace. You can see what these items look like in the picture below.

The members-only items for sale are the Golden Acorn Hat, Golden Acorn Necklace and the Golden Acorn Shoes. As you can see, there is a certain theme to the items. In the picture below, you can see what the members-only items look like.

Item Value – AJPW Traveling Salesman Shop

Even though the items that are being sold by Arthur are nothing new, there is still some value to them. The difference is, Arthur sells items that have a completely different color scheme. It is not possible to find those items in other shops around Jamaa. Especially the golden members-only items will certainly increase in value over time. I would advise any Jammer to purchase the items that the Traveling Salesman is selling. These items will be great for trading in the future.

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