Trick or Treat: Non-Member Style

Acrowded here! And, my gosh its like Animal Jam read my mind! I was hoping for a good non-member item this Halloween and they came up with something super smart!

ToT Bucket

I personally LOVE this idea! I want to get one in another color, but this is so cool!

Me with TOTThis is me wearing it! It is a super clever idea and looks really cute. I love how it is for non-members. Tell me your thoughts on it below!

Have a safe week! Halloween is just a few days away!

P.S. I think I forgot to mention that the Feathered Mask can be bought at Epic Wonders for 2,000 gems!


  1. and when i said happy halloween to this person he reported me too and well i doubt wether halloween spelling is right omg i wish my english teacher doesn;t see this!

  2. uhmmmmmmmmmm i was suspended from playing just because i went to a member and said hi there and he rreported me !

    • omg that is so not fair! you should contact ajhq and tell them about it! i hope u get your account back soon!!!!

  3. finally

  4. Awesome! I didn’t even notice!!

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