Tunnel Town Update: Dirt Bikes and Frosty Bunnies!

Ok I know I’m a little late on this one, my Tunnel Town app has not been working in FOREVER!  Finally got it to work today and noticed that there has been another winter update!  This time, there’s a new item: a dirt bike.  I dunno about you all, but I think it’d be hilarious to see my bunnies riding around on a dirt bike!


Get your bunnies a dirt bike from McFluffin’s Market and let the fun begin!  With this new update also comes a new bunny: the Frosty bunny.  This cool critter comes complete with a top hat, carrot nose, and other coal features!  Head on over to the Bunny Mating Guide and see how to mate one for yourself!  I’m still looking for some combinations to breed this new bunny so if you have any, please comment!


That’s all I’ve got for Tunnel Town news for now, be sure to check back later for more updates!  Happy Holidays everyone!  I hope you’re enjoying your time off from school 🙂


  1. How do u breed frosty bunnies though?

  2. bobo animaljam

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