Tunnel Town Update: Limited Autumn Bunnies!


It was announced a few days ago that there are three new limited Autumn Bunnies in Tunnel Town!  Supposedly they will only be around until the end of November so be sure to get yours as soon as you can!


The new Autumn are the Gobbler bunny, the Plymouth bunny, and the Autumn bunny!  I’ve added some new combinations to the Bunny Mating Guide so you can make some yourself!


I want give a huge thank you to Ladle, Violetta, Bepo, Kate, and AbiFire808 for the help with the bunny combinations.  My Tunnel Town app hasn’t been working since the update 🙁  So I’m relying on you guys for the bunny combinations until I can login!


If you find any bunny combinations for these new bunnies please comment and I will add them to the list and give you credit!  Thanks everyone!



  1. I either got plymouth or gobbler with on prairie on left and autumn on right… Also send me a jam a gram on AJ?

  2. What time is for gobbler bunny?

  3. With prairie (left) and autumn. Buddy me on AJ

  4. I bred either a Gobbler or a Plymouth Coney (not sure yet

  5. If you breed 2 autum bunnies you can get a PLYMOUTH CONEY or a GOBBLER or a AUTUM BUNNY

  6. here is how you get a plymouth bunny ( its hard to get ) a gobbler and a autumn bunny

  7. I got the gobbler bunny with autumn and prairie

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